Andy Circus releases debut album ‘Film Club 20/20’

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Andy Circus’ debut full-length Film Club 20/20 is out everywhere today! From Andy:

Recorded between October 2020 and March 2021 in my living room, dining room, bathroom,and back porch. I used a Zoom R8 recorder, a Stager SR-2N mic, and sang and played every note myself. Caleb Snoke, David Pulizzi, and Rose Haupert gave indispensable listening and feedback. Additional mixing and mastering was done by Paul Smith at Eight Days A Week Studio in Northumberland, PA. Barbara Polichnowska took the photo on the front cover; I took the ones on the back and the CD. Anthony LaLota at Crotalus Records was (is) my distribution guru. I had (have) a lot of other good people in my corner; you know who you are. Old School Pizza and San Pellegrino also kept me alive.