Stringer Things

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There’s no better introduction to London singer/songwriter Chris Stringer than ‘Stringer Things,’ a live album recorded from his 2017 Halloween show with newly formed backing band The Rocketeers. The live setting provides ample room for the band to flex its muscles during one of its early outings together, and lay a foundation to showcase Chris’ voice… and boy, what a voice.

Chris is a fantastic songwriter and entertaining performer, but his greatest attributes are his vocal abilities. He transitions seamlessly from a quiet falsetto to a soaring wail at a moments’ notice, with genuine emotion seeping from each note. From the upbeat folk of “Frontroom” to the somber balladry of “Chameleon” and some surprise covers in between, the band keeps pace every step of the way… all dressed in Ghostbusters outfits nonetheless.

With no added production or effects, the show is heard exactly as it was in Manchester that evening. It’s not often a band makes such a strong first impression with a live record… but Stringer Things have happened.