Christopher Carithers

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Coal towns, ghost towns, old men re-telling old stories… Christopher Carithers brings an old soul’s perspective to each of his songs.

Each word has been lived and earned. Real stories from real people; seasons of weakness, riddles in dreams, corner bars and fire halls, doctors, saints, and bombardiers… Christopher Carithers invokes Steinbeck & Salinger; walks us past painted porches and familiar faces; pauses beside rusting bridges. He lays us down beneath shooting stars.

Chris, a rust-belt writer and self-taught guitarist, is a lifelong lover of roots rock, modal jazz and improvisational performance. A native of the coal fields of Eastern Pennsylvania, Chris brings the boom and bust of his own story into his music.

His debut album Autobiography of a Thief was released in 2019 to critical acclaim.

RIYL: Nick Drake / Iron & Wine

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