With a folk heart and a punk soul, The Echo & Sway has been crooning in two-part harmony about life, love & the open road since 2008, busking acapella under the wide open South Dakota sky, playing Londoners in post-gig chess matches, missing flights to enjoy a second bowl of the world’s best seafood chowder in Dublin, hiking the mountains of New York’s Hudson Valley, losing themselves on the back roads of rural Ontario, frequenting a central Pennsylvania coffee shop… and a ton of stuff in between.

Ten years later they’re celebrating the release of their debut long player, The Trials & Tribulations of Two Traveling Troubadours as they Traverse Tired Terrain & Tattered Turnpikes, Telling Tall Tales (we’ll call it Troubadours for short). A long time coming, these nine songs tell the story of a weary but hopeful America, trapped by circumstance and longing for redemption.

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